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Click HERE for our 4 page Summer 2017 newsletter. Paper copies are available at key locations on our patch, eg the Liberton Kirk Centre; we also have a letter box there for paper mail. We hope to issue newsletters more regularly in the future. Sign up to our mailing list in order to receive our quarterly e-newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cS1AHT. We won’t pass your email address on to any other organisation.

Our new developing FAQs section gives answers and helpful links to questions commonly asked within the LDCC area. You can view it Here.

PLEASE LOOK AT “Notices” tab (CLICK ABOVE ON THE RIGHT or HERE) TO SEE DETAILS OF ANNOUNCEMENTS, CONSULTATIONS AND VARIOUS MEETINGS.. We also maintain an uptodate list of  recent planning applications  with direct links to the papers on the Planning Portal (look under the Planning tab). That tab and its daughter pages also gives the latest on the National, Regional and Local Plans and some local planning applications and decisions. Follow us on Twitter

    • The next meeting will be on Monday 25th September at 7 pm in the Liberton Kirk Halls, Kirkgate.  All are welcome! Click HERE for the agenda. Minutes are under the minute tab.
    • Click HERE and HERE to learn about the CEC’s new Localities which are gradually subsuming Neighbourhood Partnerships.
    • The CC has recently done a postal survey of your views on priorities. HERE is the final version of the results which we have passed on to your elected representatives and others.
    • Click HERE for a link to the outcome of the consultation on the new primary school at Broomhills


HERE is a map of Ward 16 as proposed by the Boundary Commission to the Scottish Ministers.  It is cheering that the Commission have listened to the CC’s objection (HERE) and have not extracted the heart of Liberton, including the Kirk and High School, into the Newington ward, as suggested in its initial proposals (HERE) . Happily the Scottish Ministers agree. Sadly the northerly tip of our area (N of Double Hedges) had to be put in Ward 15 (Southside)to satisfy electoral arithmetic.  HERE is a map which shows the proposed and previous wards over the whole city.

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