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Next meeting(s). 
The Community Council held an informal trial Zoom meeting on 26 May and hopes to have a regular public one on 29 June; watch this space.
If you have comments or other matters which you would like us to note for the future, feel free to email us at mail@libertondistrict.org.uk

New Local Development Plan
The consultation on the Choices for the Development Plan is now closed. According to the original Development Plan Scheme, the resulting draft Plan was to be consulted on from the end of August, but this is likely to slip. This page will be updated as soon as we hear more.

Our Local Plan page has further detail, links to supporting papers and information about the evolution of the Local Plan presently in force. You can also explore pages on the higher levels of Development Planning by clicking on the side bar. Jim’s table, on the general Development Plans page, gives an overview of the whole system.

To email us click¬†HERE or use the ‘Tell us’ tab above to share with the community. And our webmaster, contactable HERE, would appreciate comments for improving this site and reports of any broken links.
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