Our regular public meetings are on line until further notice.
The next meeting will be held on Zoom on Monday 30 August at 7 pm.  No meeting in July!  The agenda will be available here a week before.  You are very welcome to join us for these meetings.  Please email us at mail@libertondistrict.org.uk before 5 pm on the day of the meeting and we will send you details on how to attend.  Minutes are HERE.
Further meetings:  27 September, 25 October.

** Recent police advice on property security
** Greenend residents’ petition : Beach Volleyball Court – Liberton High School
** CEC 2030 Climate Strategy Consultation (by 12 Sept but start thinking now!)
** Police advice on shed security
** Booklet for 100th anniversary of Liberton joining Edinburgh (from Liberton Association)
** see Planning page for Frogston Rd PAN (Proposal of Application Notice)
** Planning decisions have to be based on Local Development Plans, revised every five years by a complex process.  Replacement of the current Edinburgh plan, published in 2016, has been delayed for a number reasons, and a new plan will not be finalised until 2023.  The Government has however agreed that the present plan can remain in force, though envisaged changes will be delayed.  Public consultation on the Draft Plan (a unique opportunity for comment!), is now expected around August.  See our Replacement Local Plan page for more; keep an eye on our website for news of the consultation.

** Scottish Government Links
** Edinburgh Council links

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