The community council has a statutory voice in Planning and has a Planning Subcommitee to advise it.  Click HERE for recent planning applications in our area (last change 14/9/21). HERE and HERE are useful doors into the City of Edinburgh Planning and Building Standards service. HERE  is a general guide to the planning system in Scotland. And HERE is a link to a very useful glossary of planning jargon and abbreviations from the Scottish Government’s website.

Click HERE or on the right side-bar (underneath on mobiles!) for the pages on three levels  of Development Plans. These ultimately form the basis for planning decisions and their tortuous evolution is therefore worth following.  The Local Plan page is the most relevant for local decisions and this is a crirical time for the next Local Plan.  If you have the leisure, you can follow meetings of the Development Management Sub-committee on line to see the Plan being applied in practice.

Planning Applications with clickable links

South of Frogston Road E (Broomhills 2) 20.4554.PAN. This is a new PAN for a large area adjacent to the Broomhills development. Following an earlier PAN and exhibition (after which the Community Council commented) an online consultation event for this was held on 25 Nov.  Click HERE for the Flyer and the new description. 

The Council has given a Screening Opinion that an environmental impact assessment is not required. There is a link to the procedure for major applications on our Planning Resources page (see side bar).

Demolition of Hotel at 115 Lasswade Road for Student Accommodation. Click HERE for our objection this application.  Permission has been refused; click the above heading for detail.  The developer has appealed to the DPEA.

Proposed renewable and gas energy development at Kaimes substation . A PAN has been submitted. We await detail of the electronic exhibition which will replace the usual public display during Covid.  The ‘explanatory note’ on the planning portal gives some information.

Stanedykehead We have submitted an objection to this proposed large shed in the green belt but it has been approved.

Student Accommodation on Mayfield Road/Braefoot Terrace (click the individual links, not the heading!) This is a saga which has been running since 2016. There are two narrow sites, one south of the Braidburn (replacing the garage and some houses) and one north of the burn (replacing the Braidburn Inn, previously a police station). The succession of planning applications must have provided useful income for architects and work for the planners. Applications have now been approved for both sites (S site: click HERE and N site: click HERE . Here is our objection to the latest application for the N part.
We have worries that fracture of the water main behind both buildings could cause problems.

Submissions on other planning matters:

Place Plans