Useful stuff

This page has a clickable links (the red bits) to stuff that may be useful either for knowledge of the local community in Liberton & District, or for learning about or contacting other bodies. Links to some submissions we have made are at the end.

Community Resilience for a major emergency in our area
Click HERE for general advice from the Council, HERE for emergency centres in our area and HERE for a useful general link.

Here are links
to a directory of the Council’s new Localities
to the website of our neighbour, the Gilmerton/Inch Community Council,
to a general website for Scottish Community Councils and
to the Edinburgh Association of Community Councils
also to the
Liberton Gilmerton ward profile,
the Edinburgh People Survey,
SIMD 2016 (deprivation) map of our area and
to a local history group website which has interesting material.
HERE is a very useful council mapping facility which can display various boundaries.

Here are the Scheme_for_Community_Councils 2013 and the CC Guidance Notes 2016

And HERE is a link to further resources for Community Councils on the CEC site.


Planning Concordat. This provides guidelines for how developers, communities and the City of Edinburgh Council can work together to promote local participation in the planning process and shape proposals for large developments. A new version is in preparation.

Scottish Government Community Empowerment Plan Published strategy document of the Scottish Government relating to encouraging community participation in the decisions that affect them.

HERE are the main results of a postal survey of your priorities which we did in 2016.

For details of the City of Edinburgh Councils teams at the South Neighbourhood Office click HERE.

HERE is our successful submission to the Boundaries Commission in 2015 resisting the proposal that the heart of Liberton should be part of the Newington ward.

Links to recent responses on planning matters are in the relevant Planning section.