The Community Council is notified of planning applications and takes an interest in them and in the National, Regional and Local Plans which underlie their outcome. Some recent applications are shown below. The links (in red) go relevant papers including planning applications on the CEC planning portal.

Click HERE  for recent planning applications in our area; this list is updated every week if there are new applications in our patch (last update  09/11/17). And HERE and HERE are useful doors into the City of Edinburgh Planning and Building Standards service.

Click HERE or on the right side-bar for the pages on Development Plans.

In 2015 the Scottish Government initiated an Independent Review of Planning. Responses to various questions were sought by 1st December. HERE is the submission we made after seeking your comments.  HERE is the published report of the review (May 2016) and HERE is the government response (July 2016). HERE  is our response (3rd April) to the consultation paper published in Jan 2017.  This matter is now with the Scottish Ministers – HERE is their position paper and  here is a link to an analysis of the responses to it. A Bill is expected late in 2017 or early in 2018.

Planning Applications

Here, for interest, are links to the planning portal for some developments currently being built (or not):
This development is now proceeding.
Alnwickhill Water Works. This gives a direct link to the list of downloadable plans.  Click HERE for a useful overview showing the proposed house types.
Good’s Corner. One of many applications!
Greenend Gardens
Here is one on which there were strong representations which was not approved.
Liberton Inn. Conversion of this into 4 flats was approved but it is still untouched and empty.

HERE is a (not very good copy of a) map of various greenfield sites in SE Edinburgh in which developers have shown an interest.