The Community Council is notified of planning applications and takes an interest in them and in the National, Regional and Local Plans which underlie their outcome. Some recent applications are shown below. The links (in red) go relevant papers including planning applications on the CEC planning portal. Click on the sidebar to follow the various levels of Development Planning.

Click HERE for recent planning applications in our area;
this list is updated every week if there are new applications in our patch (last update 15/10/19). HERE and HERE are useful doors into the City of Edinburgh Planning and Building Standards service. HERE  is a general guide to the planning system in Scotland. And HERE is a link to a very useful glossary of planning jargon and abbreviations from the Scottish Government’s website.

Click HERE or on the right side-bar for the pages on three levels  of Development Plans. These ultimately form the basis for planning decisions and their tortuous evolution is therefore worth following.  The Local Plan page is the most relevant for local decisions.  If you have the leisure, you can follow meetings of the Development Management Sub-committee on line to see the Plan being applied in practice.

Planning Applications

HERE is a new Proposal of Application Notice for the proposed development on a large area adjacent to the Broomhills development. A Public Event for it is proposed at the Gilmerton Society Hall, 27 Drum Street, on Fri 25th Oct, 2pm – 7pm. We are hoping to get another event in a venue nearer the site.

Stanedykehead We have submitted an objection to this proposed large shed in the green belt.

Student Accommodation on Mayfield Road/Braefoot Terrace The CEC has approved the replacement of the Braidburn Inn with 89 studio flats (16/04158/FUL); this missed public scrutiny as it was omitted from the Weekly List of Applications which we all depend on. Subsequently an application (16/01889/FUL) for replacing the garage with 83 studio flats was approved despite our expressed concern. This was ultimately overtaken by an application (18/03617/FUL) for 158 studio flats with demolition of the intervening houses; click HERE for our comments.  The last was approved on 21/3/19 after modification to 148 studios. A more recent application (19/03609/FUL) encompassing both sites and bridging the Braidburn was immediately withdrawn; this had additional stories with 306 studios in all. It has now been replaced by an application 19/04768/FUL for just the southern part (136 units) which lacks the cycle parking and bin storage originally shown in the northern bit.

HERE is an extract from a map in the papers for the 2016 Local Development Plan of other areas on our patch in which developers had shown an interest; the adjoining map from OpenStreetMap clarifies the locations.   Mactaggart and Meikle indicated to our meeting on 25th March 2019 that they continue to be interested in areas 28, 29, 30, and 32.  There is no current planning application!

Here, for interest, are clickable links to the CEC planning portal for some developments currently being built (or not):

 137 Liberton Brae An application for change of use to a hot food takeaway was rejected as has an appeal to the DEPA.

Broomhills This development is now proceeding. HERE is the application for the associated primary school. HERE is one of four applications for a ‘remix’ adding more houses; these have had consent, subject to a legal agreement.

Alnwickhill Water Works. This gives a direct link to the list of downloadable plans.  Click HERE for a useful overview showing the house types.

Good’s Corner. After years of neglect and many planning applications, this historic spot, once the site of a joiner’s shop, has blossomed into student accommodation. HERE’s a link to an excellent facsimile of Craigmillar and its Environs, the 1892 book by Tom Speedy which is the source of the drawing of Good’s Corner, evocative sketches of local wildlife and much else.

Greenend Gardens Here is one on which there were strong representations which was not approved.

Liberton Inn. This once famous hostelry which incorporated Scott’s Reuben Butler’s house has surrendered its licence and has been converted to four flats.

HERE is a (not very good copy of a) map of various greenfield sites in SE Edinburgh (including those mentioned above) in which developers have shown an interest.