LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN – (LDP)  This is very important as it is the basis on which planning applications are decided.

The Edinburgh Council consulted from 22nd August to 3rd October 2014 on a new Local Development Plan which will determine our future until 2024. The plan was then considered by the CEC Planning Committee on 14th May 2015 (Click HERE for an overview, HERE for the full papers for that meeting and HERE for the approved coalition motion recommending ‘submission for examination’ and making suggestions. The 14th May papers are massive documents and we have extracted relevant bits with comments on Strategy, Broomhills, Ellens Glen and Other Suggested Sites. The LDP then went to the ‘Reporter’ whose findings went to the Scottish Ministers. We now (5th July 2016) have the response from the Scottish Ministers. HERE   are their recommendations and HERE are detailed responses. The Council now has to adjust the LDP in line with these recommendations before it can be adopted.

We held two drop-in consultation events and made five representations to be taken into account. Click HERE to see these. Click HERE for links to the plan and the consultation process and HERE for the circular we sent to the areas most affected. And HERE is a direct link to a download of just the plan on our website, which may be more convenient on some computers, and HERE is a link to a useful, multilayered interactive proposals map. And HERE is a useful summary of implications for our area and for our Gilmerton neighbours.

As part of the Examination of the Local Development Plan (LDP) the Reporter asked the CEC for further information about the supply of housing land; click  HERE to see that request. NOTE THAT a number of potential sites listed in the appendix to the question lie within the Liberton & District Community Council area. We were invited to comment on the CEC response. HERE also are the appendices and Housing Land summary.  And  HERE  (27th April) are our comments. Other responses are HERE (see 4th May). The response from the Scottish Government on transport is interesting.

Click HERE for an early briefing for Liberton/Gilmerton community representatives.