LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN – (LDP)  This is the basis on which local planning applications are decided. The current Local Plan, adopted in November 2016, (and various supporting papers, eg “Supplementary Guidance” papers) can been downloaded from this link.. For our patch the SE proposals map is relevant.

HERE is a link to a useful, multilayered interactive proposals map. Once you have zoomed to the area you are interested in, you can click to see all the policies relevant to a particular patch and then go to that part of the plan. TRY IT.

The LDCC contributed to the consultations on the local plan at various stages and held public meetings to enable you to comment.

City of Edinburgh Council is preparing an Action Programme to identify infrastructure needs to service new development (including NHS provision) and including Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) for the development of areas and providing detailed guidance of specific planning issues. CEC is consulting on the LDP Action Programme. CEC also intend to revise and progress the various Supplementary Guidance documents prepared whilst the LDP was being progressed.

Click HERE for the slides from CEC briefings for Community Councils on the implementation of the Action Programme.

Here is a useful list of Core Documents prepared and used by the Edinburgh planners.

A new Local Development Plan is now beginning to be developed, delayed by the tardy response to the regional plan by the Scottish Government. Click HERE for the ‘Scheme’ outlining the steps in its preparation (published Sept 2018).  The Community Council hopes to organise some public meetings when the issues are clearer.