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  1. For over two years I have been communication with local Councillors over the disgraceful rat infested mess of container changing room that sit at the south entrance to Liberton Park.
    On the 23 November 2017 Stephanie Smith confirmed by email to me that the council had deemed that the ‘temporary’ units are life expired.
    Subsequent communications with both Stephanie and Sarah Davidson about the removal of these has fallen on deaf ears.
    On 28 June 2018 Sarah stated that Councillor Smith said a local football club would be taking these on but needless to say that hasn’t happened, so the rat infested mess continues to exist as a blight in our area. I have sent Stephanie photographs but a quick visit to the site will confirm the mess.
    I even offered to use them to store the wood I use in my woodworking hobby, and in return would tidy up and maintain the site, but that was not taken up.
    Can you please take steps to try and have these removed. Yours Duncan Robertson 30 LG

  2. Can we please have a discussion about the dreadful state of Liberton roads. The junction at Gracemount is a disgrace. Liberton gardens is a disgrace Gilmerton road is a disgrace. Potholes go unfilled. The roads have subsidence. Money is wasted – a repair was carried out at Gurthrue Gardens this week, but less than two feet away, a four inch gap was left unfilled. Driving on the roads is like driving on a mud track and cycling is not for the faint hearted Letters to the transport convener are ignored – not even the courtesy of a response. Meanwhile, we spend £94 million a mile – yes – Million on an unnecessary tram extension – while the council pleads poverty.

    • Hi Brian. Thanks for getting in touch with us and raising such an important issue. We are often discussing the poor quality of both roads and pavements at our meetings. It was also one of the major concerns we raised during our recent walkabout. Unfortunately, as you mention, there appears to be little interest (or money) to solve the problem. I’ve found this website useful for reporting issues including the quality of roads: . We’ll also keep raising our concerns with roads at our meetings to the local Councillors and to City of Edinburgh officials during walkabouts. There has been some improvements made in this last period of the financial year but much more is needed.

  3. I was distressed to see that once again Liberton residents have to defend the natural beauty of the lands to the west of Alnwickhill drive. Developers only have to win once to destroy this haven for wildlife and peaceful oasis in the middle of the city while residents have to repeatedly state our objections.
    The objections raised before still stand, and in light of developments at Scottish water, Frogsten Road and Burdiehouse I see no reason why more housing is needed in this area.
    I urge local residents to contact their council representatives to once against any further development.

  4. It is essential that any reduction in the greenbelt by developers is rebutted vigorously. Liberton has had more than enough of “new housing developments” and there is a risk that our open semi rural environment is diminished. Edinburgh City Council must be encouraged to find the housing they need elsewhere such as reducing the number of properties that are kept for let in the city. Fine for tourism (and landlords) but not for residents. The LDCC might consider a more active campaign to stop this recurring onslaught on the green belt.

  5. I understand that LDCC are organising a litter pick on 4th May, I’m a local resident who is becoming increasingly incensed at the amount of roadside litter so would like to volunteer for this. Can you share more details? Also the litter in/around Gracemount High School is reaching epidemic proportions. Before I write to the Head any plans to try and get the school involved?

    • Hi Andy. Thanks for getting in touch with us. So glad you’ll be coming along to the litter pick on 4th May. The exact route we will take is yet to be decided but it will likely take in the parameter of the High School as you are not the first person to be in touch with us about the litter surrounding the school. Because of this I attended the most recent parent council meeting (27.03.19) to discuss the issue of litter. Both the parent council and Head Teacher were highly sympathetic and assured me that they are doing their part to discourage littering. The school will be promoting the litter pick on the 4th May via facebook after the Easter break. As you feel strongly about this issue I would encourage you to contact the Head Teacher as often many voices are better than one. Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. The litter pick will start at 9 am and will finish at about 10:30 am allowing time for hot drinks and snacks afterwards. We will provide the litter picks and gloves so you need to bring yourself with warm clothing. Please let me know if you have any specific questions

  6. As a relatively new resident of the Liberton area, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed St Katharine’s Park and Seven Acre Park this Spring, particularly the great swathes of daffodils in St Katharines Park and the new wooden animal sculptures, also the woodland way in Seven Acre and the wood sculptures there. I would like to offer thanks to all those involved in maintenance of both sites for their efforts and for giving residents such a fine environment to live in.

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