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5 thoughts on “Tell us

  1. Hello, Can i please ask if there is anyway to object to a proposal by Edinburgh Council Spaces for people to close Braid Hills Road? There was a facebook post by Scott Arthur stating it has just hit the public domain a short while ago.

    1. The Spaces for People proposal was discussed at yesterday’s meeting of the community council. The only option of the four mentioned in Cllr Arthur’s post which council officers were recommending to councillors on the Transport and Environment Committee meeting on Thursday 28th was ‘option 1’ which was to keep Braid Hills Road open but have segregated cycle lanes on either side and to reduce the speed limit to 30 mph.
      The community council and residents attending were generally in favour of the the reduced speed limit, but expressed serious concerns about the suitability of the road surface at the edges (eg awkward camber, bad visibility on south side and very poor state of repair of the surface) for cycle lanes and also the very poor surface of the pavement for walkers and joggers. Following that we learned this afternoon that there is an ‘option 5’ which is basically the same but puts a two way cycle lane on the north edge.
      We have responded to the council reporting our approval for the reduced speed limit, and indicating approval in principle for the cycle ways but stating that this should involve resurfacing road and pavement and reducing camber.
      You can write to individual councillors for our ward – namely Lezley Marion Cameron, Lesley Macinnes, Derek Howie and Stephanie Smith – their e-mail addresses can be found on the City of Edinburgh Council website – link on our website.
      Hope this helps, and apologies for not responding sooner.
      Bill Krol, Chair

  2. Can LDCC raise a complaint about the persistent congestion on Frogston Road East caused by work vehicles from the new Broomhills School development parking on both sides of the road?

    For months now, traffic on this bus route has been blocking up.

  3. Hello Paul,
    this has been raised by another resident and will be discussed at our next meeting on 31 May.
    Bill Krol,

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