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  1. I am grateful for the Community Council’s engagement and concern at the proposed development on Good’s Corner. (15/02496/FUL) I am a close neighbour to the proposed site, and would be seriously overlooked and impinged on by the development. I would also point out that the plans as submitted do not correctly the show my neighbouring property, which has been extended with full permission granted, with a main living area overlooked by the proposed development. The extension has not been shown on the plans; this would lessen the distance between the back of the proposed block and my property. There are serious other objections, such as the lack of parking provided in the proposed development and the high number of units proposed. There is also a worry about the effect on values of nearby property. I trust that the Community Council will object to the proposals as being out of keeping with the surrounding area, and an imposition upon it.
    Colin Symes, Mid Liberton

  2. For over two years I have been communication with local Councillors over the disgraceful rat infested mess of container changing room that sit at the south entrance to Liberton Park.
    On the 23 November 2017 Stephanie Smith confirmed by email to me that the council had deemed that the ‘temporary’ units are life expired.
    Subsequent communications with both Stephanie and Sarah Davidson about the removal of these has fallen on deaf ears.
    On 28 June 2018 Sarah stated that Councillor Smith said a local football club would be taking these on but needless to say that hasn’t happened, so the rat infested mess continues to exist as a blight in our area. I have sent Stephanie photographs but a quick visit to the site will confirm the mess.
    I even offered to use them to store the wood I use in my woodworking hobby, and in return would tidy up and maintain the site, but that was not taken up.
    Can you please take steps to try and have these removed. Yours Duncan Robertson 30 LG

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